Best Career Choices for the Next Decade

If you are a student considering a field to launch your career in the next decade, there are a number of growing fields where you can expect job openings regardless of the state of the economy at the time you graduate.

Some career fields are less cyclical, less dependent on a strong economy, as they provide a service that is always in demand.

Your best bet in considering a chosen profession is to line up your interests, and strengths, with one of these growing fields.  Here is a look at the best career choices for the next decade.


Demand for doctors and nurses has always been strong.  Emerging career tracks such as physicians assistants programs are particularly hot.

I wanted to go into medicine myself, initially, but was drawn to technology instead.

However, had these physician assistant programs been as popular as they are now when I was in school, that is likely the route I would have taken.

Another medical area expected to significant growth is physical therapy.

Physical therapy is often recommended prior to surgery, and necessary for those recovering from surgery.

As health insurance companies (and the government) look for ways to trim medical costs, expect referrals for physical therapy to increase over the next decade.

There will always be a need for those who can work one-on-one with individuals who need healthcare, especially as baby boomers begin to age and start needing more health services in their elder years.

Assisted Living Facilities and Home Health Care

Speaking of baby boomers and healthcare, another industry that is expected to be in demand of qualified professionals involves working in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Again, as people get older and start to need personal help, they move into homes that can help them with this transitional period.

The number of home health care jobs are expected rise significantly over the next decade, meaning there will be plenty of career options.

Computer Related Services

Computer related careers have been going strong for the last couple decades, and these jobs don’t appear to be going anywhere.

Try to think of a single industry in which computers are not used to manage data or interface with customers.  It’s not possible.

Jobs in computer-related services include disciplines such as social media experts, computer programmers, database administrators, IT specialists, and graphics designers should be plentiful.

Those who can combine technical know-how with strong business skills will be particularly well-suited, as the global economy may shift lower-level technology jobs offshore, but the demand for managing projects and those employees will be strong.

Again, your best chance at career success is choosing a profession that matches demand with your strengths and interests.

Like I’ve told my own kids, if you are interested in something that is less in demand, consider making it a hobby, or a side hustle.

Look at me; I’d have a hard time finding work as a full-time blogger, but I’m perfectly happy writing in my spare time while my technology day job pays the bills.

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