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Introducing Lola – My 1997 Get Out of Debt Truck

get out of debt truck

I’d like to introduce you to one of my best friends. Email subscribers heard about her earlier this week. She’s been with me through thick and thin and she is currently helping me get out of debt. I call her Lola, and I’ll explain why in a minute. Just a few years ago I was driving a beautiful, brand new …

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Is Leasing a Car a Good Idea?


Have you ever heard a financial guru suggest leasing a car is a good idea?  Me neither. And they may be right, but like most financial axioms there should be attached a disclaimer:  it depends. Fans of car leases will tell you they get to drive a new car every two years.  That aspect of leasing appeals to me, too, …

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Is Now A Good Time To Buy A New Car?


If you are in the market for a new car this may be the time to act.  Economics 101 reminds us that there is an inverse relationship between price and supply. That is, when supplies increase, often times prices decrease.  That’s exactly what’s happening with the current auto market. Increased Inventory Several factors have conspired to lower demand for new …

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How to Sell a Car Fast


When selling a car, you might need to sell it fast. In fact, you often have to sell a car fast. You may need the money to put towards a new car or you could need to raise cash quickly to pay a bill. Either way, you want buyers to flock to you. The following tips will help you sell …

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Hypermiling to Save Gas and Reduce Expenses


Here lately I’ve been obsessed with lowering my gas costs. That obsession has taken the form of honing my skills in hypermiling, and generally becoming more aware of how I drive. If you aren’t familiar with the term hypermiling, I’ll provide a very basic definition. Hypermiling is essentially a collection of driving techniques used to squeeze every last drop of …

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