Tiny Houses Prefab: Ready-Made Shelter on Wheels

The tiny house movement has really taken off. Many models are now available as tiny houses prefab units that are flat shipped to you for assembly. This is inspiring a lot of people who want to downsize, declutter, and live a little further off the grid. There are designers and builders who specialize in these smaller homes on wheels. Let’s …

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Hulu vs Cable: How Canceling Cable Saved Us $1,000

For many years I have threatened to cancel our cable television service, and for many years I’ve made excuses why I didn’t think it would work well for our family.  While I don’t watch a lot of television, I expected a mutiny from my family at the very thought of pulling the plug.  That was until digital over-the-air programming and services …

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EMP Proof Vehicle For Bugging Out When Things Go Dark


Modern cars and trucks are highly dependent on an array of computers, control modules, and other electronics making them lousy EMP proof vehicles. This trend started to develop in the late 1970s, and vehicles have become increasingly computerized over the intervening decades. Computerization has led to benefits like increased fuel efficiency, but it has also created a massive vulnerability in …

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Paying Off Debt Using the Debt Snowball Method

Over the last couple years we’ve managed to pay off thousands of dollars in debt, in a variety of forms. Initially, we set out on a path of paying off debt by working on the debt with the highest interest rate. That was, until I met Dave Ramsey at a Live Event and he forever changed the way I thought …

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