Realistic Ideas for Diversifying Your Income Streams

With a new year underway I have been thinking a lot about the need to diversify my income streams.  While my near-term ability to continue full-time working status remains good, I’ve become heavily dependent on my full-time job for income. Not all of that is my fault. I can thank declining savings and dividend rates for knocking down a good …

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Finding Ideal Rental Property

Over the last few weeks I have stepped up my search for my first rental property. What started as sort of a passive search (oh, if a good deal falls in my lap I may look into it) has now become a daily routine of checking real estate websites and multiple listings. I’m officially ready to become a real estate …

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How to Ladder Dividends

I spent a while the other day looking up payout dates for my top holdings. It occurred to me that most of the stocks I own payout in the same month, which is fine, but wouldn’t it be nice if they were more staggered so every month I had something to look forward to? A recent Forbes article tackled just that …

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