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Ebates Review: A Simple Way to Earn Cash Back for Normal Online Shopping

ebates review

Over the years I have seen many others online referring to Ebates as one of the best online shopping sites for cash back rebates. I was naturally skeptical, but since I began blogging and understanding affiliate relationships myself, the business model makes more sense. Ebates receives affiliate commissions from retailers they mention on their site. If you, the shopper, use …

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Using Bikes for Commuting to Work to Save Money

bikes for commuting to work

Today’s post is from Kathy.  She’s a friend who recently chose bikes for commuting to work.  I asked her to share her two-wheel commuting wisdom with the rest of us. Recently, I moved to a new city and started a new job. I found a little apartment only about 8 miles from my office. While I was planning out my …

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How to Host a Dinner Party on a Budget


If you are like us it is has been a long since you’ve used your good plates. That means it’s time to throw a dinner party! But you really haven’t the budget to entertain right now. Not to worry. Even on a tight budget, having a delicious and fun dinner party for your friends is completely possible. And what’s more, …

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The Secret Weapon For Staying Motivated When Chasing Financial Goals


I was reading some of my own favorite personal finance blogs over the weekend and someone was lamenting the fact that because they were deep in debt they had a hard time staying motivated since they could never reward themselves, even in a small way. I can relate. While I’m encouraged each pay-day that we are a little closer to …

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Forget Everything You Learned About Emergency Funds


It’s an age-old question in personal finances:  How big should my emergency fund be? The answer should be there is no answer.   The size of your emergency fund is a function of your personal situation, family status, employment stability, etc. However, there is no shortage of “financial gurus” who are quick to share a hard/fast rule such as: Save …

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