5 Best Bug Out Vehicles

When the worst happens and the world falls apart, there are many preparations that must be made ahead of time if you want to survive. Lots of people like to take steps to ensure that their homes are prepared to keep them safe in the event of a disaster, but there are times when you will have no choice but …

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15 Survival Items To Keep In Your Car During Winter

Car trouble is expensive and stressful any time of year, but winter can also make it dangerous.  Many stories are share each winter of drivers being stranded for hours, even overnight, on an interstate. Preparing an emergency kit in your car can save you time, money and, possibly, your life. Here are few things to consider storing in your trunk, …

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Bug Out Bag Essentials: 7 Items For Every Day Carry


Assembling a survival pack, or bug out bag, for emergencies is essential in today’s society.  You never know when a national emergency might happen. That emergency might look life a weather event, a terrorist attack, or some other form of natural disaster. For most of us, however, it is not practical to go about our daily lives with a bug …

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How to Prepare for Ebola Virus Outbreak

In response to fears that the Ebola virus may soon reach U.S. shores, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a publication entitled, “Detailed Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness.” While the document is geared towards healthcare facilities and workers, there are many lessons we can take away when planning for how to prepare for an Ebola virus outbreak …

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Survival Skills for Kids: Seven Lessons To Teach Children

survival skills for kids

I spent a lot of time as a child camping with my grandfather in the Smokey Mountains.  He taught me quite a few basic survival skills for kids that I have actually put into practice on more than one occasion as an adult. As a father, I want to pass these same survival skills on to my children, but like …

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