Saving Money

How to Negotiate Like a Boss

If you have ever made a large purchase and not haggled over the price, chances are you left some money on the table.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Learning how to negotiate is an acquired skill, and something most people would rather avoid. I used to be the same way.  I found it awkward to ask people for a discount, and …

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Hulu vs Cable: How Canceling Cable Saved Us $1,000

For many years I have threatened to cancel our cable television service, and for many years I’ve made excuses why I didn’t think it would work well for our family.  While I don’t watch a lot of television, I expected a mutiny from my family at the very thought of pulling the plug.  That was until digital over-the-air programming and services …

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Low Rates Forcing Savers into Risky Investments

The Federal Reserve recently announced their plan to keep interest rates at the already insanely low levels through until 2014. I could go into my theories about why this is actually harmful to the economy (delays capital investments by big companies, etc.), but I won’t. For now, I’d like to just focus on the effect this move has on the …

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