Four Unconventional Ways to Pay for College

In this changing economy, it is very beneficial to obtain a college degree.  Having a college degree will help you secure that great paying career you have always wanted.

However, college is not cheap.

Most students are left with thousands of dollars of debt when they graduate college. Having so much loan debt will give you less disposable income and prevent you from purchasing a home right away.

If you must borrow money for school do so at the lowest interest rate possible, or refinance your existing student loans.

Instead of taking out student loans, consider these unconventional ways to pay for college.

1. Join the Military

Joining the military will not just teach you discipline; it will also help pay your college tuition.  If you enlist in the military, you will not have to worry about having any student loan debt after college.

However, you should know that joining the military is a big commitment.  If you can’t stick it out, you should not enlist.

2. Work At Your College

Consider working at your college to receive a discount on your tuition.

Many colleges will offer free or low-cost tuition to students who work at the school.  For example, you can work in your college’s library or career center.

You could also consider tutoring other students who need additional help.

I worked my way through college at a variety of part-time jobs, from fast food to retail.

It was not glamorous by any stretch, but it meant I needed less student loans for college.

3. Ask Your Employer for Help

If you are currently employed, you should ask your employer to help you pay for college. Many employers actually offer tuition assistance, but they do not advertise it.
If you ask your employer about tuition assistance, you might be able to get up to 50 percent of your tuition paid for.

4. Take Your Core Classes at a Community College

You can save a lot of money on tuition costs by taking your core classes at a community college.
For the first two years, take your general requirements, such as English, math and political science, at a nearby community college.  Then, you can transfer to a more prestigious college.

As you can see, it is possible to pay for college without getting stuck with mounds of debt.

If you pay for your college tuition in an unconventional way, you can avoid debt and use your money for other things.

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