How to Sell a Car Fast

When selling a car, you might need to sell it fast. In fact, you often have to sell a car fast.

You may need the money to put towards a new car or you could need to raise cash quickly to pay a bill. Either way, you want buyers to flock to you.

The following tips will help you sell your car quickly.

Price the Car Right

Find out how much your car is worth and then you will have the information you need to price it right. Try looking up the Kelley Blue Book value at for your model, mileage, condition and options.

Be honest with yourself regarding your car’s condition – most cars as just average, and only rare used cars are classified as “Excellent” or “Mint.”

Most buyers start with a used car evaluator site to gauge how much they may have to spend, so they will usually know a good deal if they see one.

Most people will pay a fair price for a car, but they will balk if they sense you want to take them for a ride.

Try pricing your car slightly below Blue Book value to get more attention; however, you want to leave enough room to lower your price during negotiations without costing you too much.

List Your Car Online

Selling a car on online classified ad websites takes some time to create the ads, but increases your audience.

Many buyers begin shopping at classified-ad websites, so you will almost always get an audience. Include one or more photos of your car in each ad, so buyers will know if the car interests them. is a good place to start, but there are other free classified sites online. Also consider mentioning your car is for sale to your social media connections on Twitter and Facebook.

Each of your car ads should include important information including the year, make, model, body stile, mileage, notable options, important problems and highlights.

Buyers need to know if it has a brand new engine, or if duct tape holds it together.

Drive the Car Around

Put for-sale signs on your car. This way you market your car while driving around town.

If possible, put your price on the sign, but always put your phone number on it.

This way buyers know (1) that the car runs and (2) that you trust it enough to take it on the road.

Advertise the Car Locally

Print up some brochures about your car. Be sure to include the price, photos, a thorough description and your contact information.

Put these brochures on college bulletin boards, supermarket community boards and local quick shops.

Show Your Car Off

Selling a car means you have to meet potential buyers, so they can see the car and take it for a test.

This means you have to answer your phone calls and email messages. This also means you should free up your afternoons and evenings, so students and working folks can drive the car and buy it.

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