10 Life-Saving Items for Your Car Survival Kit

Car survival kits are a vital piece of your survival inventory.

Even if you have checked your bug out bag list and filled with essential items, I suggest making a little room for a bag or box dedicated to just a car survival kit and leaving it in your vehicle full-time.

If you get stranded in a snow drift in the dead of winter, or on the side of an interstate in 100-degree heat after an EMP attack in July, you will be more prepared than most of your fellow travelers.

I am always amazed to learn people don’t keep a pair of jumper cables, or a fire extinguisher, or even a bottle of water and a granola bar in their car…

…But they have iPods and lipstick tubes and empty Krispy Kreme boxes in the back.  I digress.

10 Essential Items For Your Car Bug Out Bag List

  1. Mylar blanket.  These things don’t take up much room, and can keep you warm if stranded in cooler temperatures.
  2. Energy bars.  Avoid chocolate and varieties that might melt easily in warm temperatures.
  3. Fire-starting devices.  Magnesium sticks and water-proof matches are great, but most people would kill for a lighter in a survival situation, literally.
  4. Freeze dried MREs.  My personal favorite is Mountain House, but plenty of varieties to choose from here.
  5. Small pot.  With a small fire, a cook pot and some MREs you could boil some water, mix up the MRE and be enjoying beef stroganoff by the interstate.
  6. Rain poncho.  Keeping dry can be the difference in life or death in a cold rain.  Avoid hypothermia by layering warm clothes and topping it off with a rain poncho to keep the bottom layers dry.
  7. Whistle.  How many stories have we heard over the years of someone driving off into a ditch, just out of sight of potential rescuers.  With a whistle, you greatly increase your survival chances by alerting people at a greater distance, and without expending as much energy as yelling.
  8. Mirror.  A signal mirror is a life saver when alerting rescuers from the air.  Place the signal mirror target directly on the aircraft to alert pilots to your location.
  9. Water bottles.  In the summer, protect the bottles from exposure to direct sunlight, and rotate them fairly often with new bottles to keep fresh.  In the winter, pour a little off the top and reseal to allow for expansion due to freezing temperatures.
  10. N95 mask.  Imaging the health issues those who found themselves at the base of the World Trade Center could have avoided if they simply had a respirator mask on their person, or in their vehicle.   

This is a essentially starter car survival kit and includes just a few basic necessities.  What other items are you carrying in your car bug out bags?

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