Major Solar Storm Could Disable Power Grid For Third of Americans

As if the threat of an EMP attack were not enough, we now must seriously consider the threat from natural sources.  Namely, the sun.

A report from The Washington Free Beacon cites the Department of Homeland Security and its dire prediction, “DHS: 100 Million Americans Could Lose Power in Major Sun Storm.”

Yes, the sun certainly does pose a threat at wiping out much of our largely unprotected power grid.

Given our dependence on all things computerized these days, it wouldn’t take much of an interruption to throw us all back to the Stone Ages.

Fortunately, solar storms of the magnitude required to cause such an outage are rare, usually only occurring once a century.  However, it makes sense to prepare for such an EMP attack by doing things like:

  • Having adequate water stores
  • Investing in an EMP proof vehicle which does not have an electronic/computerized ignition
  • Having reasonable stores of food and medicine
  • Securing a way to protect these items from others

As with most threats like this I recommend to take a reasonable approach to prepping.

One could easily go broke trying to prepare for a disaster of every size and shape.

Do what you can within your budget, but put just as much emphasis as getting out of debt and having healthy emergency funds.


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