Use Online Savings Account to Track Goals

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to automate my family’s savings goals. Things have been pretty scattered these last few months, and while I am managing to sock away a little money in our online savings account, I’m doing so rather unintentionally – just moving money to a general account not earmarked for anything in particular. I’ve found that …

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How to Get Cash for Gift Cards

Are you like one of the millions of Americans who received a gift card for Christmas this year?  Are you also like one of the millions who would prefer to get cash for gift cards to stores you never visit?  Fortunately, it has gotten much easier to trade in gift cards for cash. Using eBay to Get Cash for Gift …

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Does Closing a Credit Card Hurt Your Credit Score?

If you are in the process of paying off credit cards, congratulations, you’ve taken a great first step in reclaiming your financial future. A few years ago I found myself deep in debt, and over the course of a couple years, I worked like a mad man to get all of my credit card balances down to zero. I was …

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Debt Snowball: The Fastest Way Out of the Debt Trap

Anyone who has ever found themselves deep in debt knows the sense of despair that can only be felt while looking up from the shadows of a mountain of debt. I remember that feeling.  I will never forget that feeling. Thankfully, I stumbled upon the debt snowball method of eliminating debt, and it proved to be my financial salvation. One …

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The Walking Dead: Recap of Five Life-Saving Lessons

I confess:  I didn’t watch the hit AMC television series, The Walking Dead, for the first three seasons it was on the air.  I thought it would be an unrealistic, Hollywood version of some apocalyptic event and its aftermath, and for the most part, I was right. Still, as a fan of the “survival” genre, in general, I’ve discovered there are a …

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