bikes for commuting to work

Using Bikes for Commuting to Work to Save Money

Today’s post is from Kathy.  She’s a friend who recently chose bikes for commuting to work.  I asked her to share her two-wheel commuting wisdom with the rest of us. Recently, I moved to a new city and started a new job. I found a little apartment only about 8 miles from my office. While I was planning out my …

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How to Host a Dinner Party on a Budget

If you are like us it is has been a long since you’ve used your good plates. That means it’s time to throw a dinner party! But you really haven’t the budget to entertain right now. Not to worry. Even on a tight budget, having a delicious and fun dinner party for your friends is completely possible. And what’s more, …

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The Secret Weapon For Staying Motivated When Chasing Financial Goals

I was reading some of my own favorite personal finance blogs over the weekend and someone was lamenting the fact that because they were deep in debt they had a hard time staying motivated since they could never reward themselves, even in a small way. I can relate. While I’m encouraged each pay-day that we are a little closer to …

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The Time I Sold A Blog To Pay Off Mortgage And Didn’t

In December 2007 things felt gloomy. The economy was rocky and if you looked around closely enough signs of an impending slow-down were there. No one can predict the exact moment when the balloon will burst, but the sense of foreboding was palpable. I sat down at my laptop one night, while trying to help my son fall asleep, and …

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The Ultimate Guide to Fast Credit Repair Results

If your credit is anything less than perfect, you should be aware that fast credit repair is the most important thing you can do right now to boost your credit score. If you want to repair bad credit, the best way to achieve fast credit repair results is to improve the handling of your credit over time. Need Fast Credit …

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