What Do I Need to Buy a Home

Many first time home buyers ask themselves – what do I need to buy a home, and how do I qualify for a mortgage?  Few people have enough money to purchase a house outright and must finance the remainder of the purchase in what is known as a “mortgage.” Personally, I find mortgages to be a necessary evil, but I …

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How to Close a Bank Account

Is it time to bid your bank farewell? Perhaps, like millions of Americans, you’re irked by major banks’ new fees. Maybe you’re moving away or changing your marital status. In any case, you’ll find that closing accounts isn’t quite as simple as opening them. Here are a few tips to help make sure nothing’s overlooked when it’s time to close …

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Dividend Growth Stocks: Having Your Cake and Eating it, Too

Do dividend growth stocks really exist or do you have to settle for one or the other – dividends or growth? There are plenty of growth stocks that pay a dividend, but frequently, the dividend is so low that it takes years to make enough from the dividend to consider it a significant part of your profits. When we say …

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The Benefits of a Mortgage Sinking Fund

My family’s only remaining debt is our home mortgage, and one of our top two or three financial goals is to pay off our mortgage early. For the last couple years we have been throwing some extra payments against the mortgage off an on, without much regularity. We have enough money in savings to make a large dent on the …

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Paying Cash for a Used Car

My first car was a leased SUV that had to be cosigned by my grandfather because I had no credit, and the dealership wasn’t willing to risk a new SUV lease on a 20 year-old kid earning $18k a year – who coud blame them? That move set in motion a number of dumb car moves I’ve made over the …

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