Investing Strategies for Good and Bad Markets

Have you noticed that the internet is full of articles that have a lot to say but they don’t get down to the nitty-gritty? Many of those well-meaning articles don’t understand that what you’re looking for is truly actionable steps. What should you do when you believe that the market is in bad shape and what should you do when …

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Paying Off Debt Using the Debt Snowball Method

Over the last couple years we’ve managed to pay off thousands of dollars in debt, in a variety of forms. Initially, we set out on a path of paying off debt by working on the debt with the highest interest rate. That was, until I met Dave Ramsey at a Live Event and he forever changed the way I thought …

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Become a Real Estate Investor

Real estate is a great investment option. One could buy a house, work on it or rent it out, and watch their initial investment double. Real estate can be quite valuable, especially if people buy the right kinds of places. With careful thought given to property types and funding options, a person can really score big with real estate investing. …

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Selling Stock Winners to Become More Diversified

Just yesterday I wrote about receiving a welcomed Johnson & Johnson dividend payment. Well today, I decided to sell off some of that position, and a couple other winners, to free up some cash to diversify. Over the last few months, as I began building up this small portfolio of dividend stocks, I realized that I was not properly diversifying. …

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Getting Out of Debt: Taking Inventory

Most of us have sat around on a lazy afternoon and day dreamed about getting out of debt. We imagine a debt-free budget, tons of disposable income and the freedom only debt freedom can bring. Unfortunately, few of us actually take action on those dreams, for one reason or another. It’s too hard. It will take too long. I don’t …

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