15 Tips For Preparing Your House for Winter

Winter can be hard on both your wallet and your house.  Protect your hard-earned dollars and prepare your home for winter with these fifteen simple winterizing tips. Ranging from ways to conserve energy to how to prevent damage from the elements, these are all simple and effective ideas for making your house snug, efficient and safe this winter. Insulation is …

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best monthly dividend stocks

Best Monthly Dividend Stocks for Passive Wealth

As you know from the title of this blog, getting out of debt is our number one mission these days. However, a close secondary mission is building wealth with the best monthly dividend stocks. Our wealth-building strategy is mostly centered around the accumulation of stock in solid, dividend-paying companies with a long history of paying, even increasing, their dividend. We …

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how fast can I pay off my mortgage

How Fast Can I Pay Off My Mortgage

There comes a time when most homeowners ask themselves, “how fast can I pay off my mortgage?”  Technically, we can pay it off early, but should we? Now, I don’t have enough cash sitting in savings to pay it off with one fell swoop, but we could make a sizable dent and finish it off in the next five years …

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what is debt

What is Debt

Wikipedia offers a fairly good, generic definition of what is debt: A debt is that which one party, the debtor, owes to a second party, the creditor; usually this refers to assets owed, but the term can also be used metaphorically to cover moral obligations and other interactions not based on economic value. When describing what is debt, I like …

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roth ira for college

Using a Roth IRA for College Savings

Saving for your child’s college education can be done through a variety of accounts from Coverdells to 529s. Very few financial advisors, however, talk about the possibility of using a Roth IRA for college savings. For some people, this is an excellent way to save for these costs while still maintaining a lot of flexibility with their money. For other, …

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