reasons to appeal property tax assessment

Reasons to Appeal Property Tax Assessment

Property taxes are one of the principal means that cities and municipalities use to raise revenue.  They are determined based on the government’s assessed value of your property, but there are reasons to appeal property tax assessment. Property taxes are generally based on two things: the value of the property itself, and the local rate of taxation. Both of these …

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mortgage escrow account rules

Mortgage Escrow Account Rules Every Home Owners Should Know

If you are in the market for a home loan or a mortgage, it is important to understand mortgage escrow account rules. Many lending institutions require their borrowers to maintain escrows on mortgages, and even those who don’t require it often encourage it. This is because a mortgage escrow reduces the company’s chance of losing their investment in your home …

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withdrawal from roth ira for home purchase

Is Withdrawal from Roth IRA for Home Purchase a Smart Strategy?

IRS regulations offer a break to first-time home buyers by allowing withdrawal from Roth IRA for home purchase. Typically, income earned in a Roth IRA can only be withdrawn tax free after the account holder has passed the age of 59 1/2. Non-qualified distributions before that age are charged a 10% withdrawal penalty to discourage investors from withdrawing money outside …

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how much down payment for a house

How Much To Put Down On a Home

The recent cratering of the real estate market both in the residential and the commercial spheres has dramatically altered how buyers will approach mortgages and home loans at present and for the foreseeable future.  Many are now asking themselves how much down payment for a house is needed to qualify? The game has changed and the days of no-money-down, “NINJA” mortgages …

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