How to Buy a Home With Bad Credit

Buying a home is a stressful process. It can be even more stressful for those individuals and families that have bad credit and may struggle to find a mortgage broker that is willing to work with them – or to find a broker that will not charge extreme rates of interest on the loan. Repairing bad credit can take years …

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How to Buy I Bonds

The United States Treasury offers a variety of different bonds for individuals to purchase. All bonds issued by the Treasury are considered to be a very low risk investment, as they are guaranteed by the federal government. Series I bonds are one of the most popular choices in government bonds, and they offer a steady interest rate over the life …

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Hypermiling to Save Gas and Reduce Expenses

Here lately I’ve been obsessed with lowering my gas costs. That obsession has taken the form of honing my skills in hypermiling, and generally becoming more aware of how I drive. If you aren’t familiar with the term hypermiling, I’ll provide a very basic definition. Hypermiling is essentially a collection of driving techniques used to squeeze every last drop of …

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