Retailers Not Waiting for Official Gun Ban

It appears many retailers are jumping on the anti-gun bandwagon ahead of more gun control legislation expected in the New Year.  Today, it was announced that Dick’s Sporting Goods (USA Today) will suspend the sale of “modern sporting rifles” during “this time of national mourning.”  I couldn’t be less impressed.

Though the shooting in Connecticut was a particularly heinous crime, there have been hundreds of other crimes committed with handguns this year.  Will Dick’s also suspend sales of the Glock 9mm?  And what about shotguns?  The slope is a slippery one.

In usual fashion, the media, and corporate America have knee-jerked in the wake of the Conn. shooting and are looking to solve the wrong problem.  I don’t mean to pile on against Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart has joined them by removing the Bushmaster Carbine from their online offerings.  There, I feel safer.

One of my (former) favorite sites,, decided to get in on the gun sale suspension by suspending the sale of firearms from their website.  Period.  Thanks guys.  Way to serve your customers.  You know the tens and tens of millions of law-abiding citizen gun owners who pray they never have to use their weapons for defense, much less plan to intentionally do anyone harm, but cherish our right to bear arms and enjoy target shooting, hunting and related activities.

I guess it’s a good time to be in the pawn shop business.  They may be the last place to buy a weapon if you don’t already have one.  If I had to guess, online bulk ammunition sites may be the next to fold, but I suspect their demise will be the result of legislative action rather than corporate do-goodness like we’ve seen from the aforementioned retailers.

After all, the government can no longer allow people to purchase 500 rounds of ammunition online.  If people want 500 rounds of ammo they will just be out of luck.  Well, unless they buy 10 50-round boxes, or 2 250-super packs of ammo at an outdoor supply store.

A Word About the Sandy Hook Shooting

My heart aches for the victims of the recent school shooting.  Losing a child is an unimaginable thought.  Losing a child in such a senseless, violent manner, is too much to bare.  It’s inconceivable for people of sound mind to try to wrap their heads around the idea of shooting a classroom full of precious children.

The sad reality is people are dealing with the loss of loved ones in just as horrific ways every day, all across the country.  A mom who lost her husband and three children to a drunk driver in Tennessee.  The husband who lost his wife and three kids at the hands of two home invaders (though they were armed with a gun, their weapons of choice for committing the crime – a baseball bat and their bare hands).

Speaking of drunk driving deaths, I’ve yet to hear a good argument for bringing back prohibition.  Anyone?  Quite the opposite, many states are now legalizing the use of marijuana.  Libertarian arguments for legal drug use aside, I have to wonder if we won’t see an increase in “driving while stoned” cases that could lead to serious injuries or deaths of innocents.

Living in a free society means we accept some risks.  It’s a trade off with a delicate balance; one that has delicately balanced for a couple hundred years, but now dangerously teeters towards the side of tyranny.  When so many willingly trade their freedoms for the perception of less risks, you really have to worry for our future.


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