Using Bikes for Commuting to Work to Save Money

Today’s post is from Kathy.  She’s a friend who recently chose bikes for commuting to work.  I asked her to share her two-wheel commuting wisdom with the rest of us.

Recently, I moved to a new city and started a new job. I found a little apartment only about 8 miles from my office.

While I was planning out my daily commute, I made a interesting discovery – if I commute to work by bicycle, I will save myself in excess of $100 a week!

Fuel Saved Riding Bikes for Commuting to Work

Fuel is probably the most obvious cost associated with commuting to work by car. You are likely to be forking out anywhere from $2-20 per day for fuel for your daily commute by car.

In some cases it may even cost you more, especially if your commute involves a lot of heavy traffic.

Riding bikes for commuting to work is free!  And it might even help you go from fat to fit.

Even if you have an electric car (which costs next to nothing to run), riding a bicycle will be cheaper – not to mention the initial cost of purchasing a bicycle, is much less than purchasing an electric car, or even an ordinary car.

Be sure to check out the top comfort bike models at Amazon and bouncing those prices off your local bike shop.

Parking Bikes vs Parking Cars

Unless you are fortunate enough to have free company parking, you will find yourself throwing money down the drain on daily parking rates.

Most work places now provide free, secure bicycle parking for those who choose bikes for commuting to work.

If your work place doesn’t then make a one off payment, and invest in a good solid bicycle lock – and make sure you know how to use the bicycle lock efficiently.

I’ve seen too many cyclists lock only the frame, only the wheel, around the seat post (I kid you not!).

If I were to pay for company parking at my workplace it would cost me $2,500 per year, or $50 a week. If I were to pay for daily parking at a nearby city parking garage, it would cost me $15 a day, or $75 a week.

Wear and Tear on you Car

This may come as no surprise to you, but the cost to maintain a car is much higher than the cost to maintain a bicycle.

Driving every day, even only a few miles, will add to your car’s wear and tear. This is a hard cost to estimate.

My commute will be 16 miles per day, 80 miles per week or 4,160 miles per year. Then I will need to factor in the time spent in actual traffic, plus any detours I’m likely to make. These miles all add up, and add on extra maintenance costs to your car.

Public Transportation

Considering taking the bus or train instead of driving?

You may not have to pay the parking or maintenance fees, but public transport fares can be expensive. Save on those fares and ride your bicycle to work instead.

Surprisingly, it will also take longer to catch the bus than to ride my bike to work.

Another option is to combine your public transport and bicycle commute, for example, ride to the train station, take the train, and then ride to your place of work.

This is a particularly good option if you are commuting from another town or city, and have to catch multiple forms of transport. Saving the fare on just one leg of your journey, definitely adds up.

If your commute is particularly long, or includes some serious hill-climbs, I also recommend checking out the top-rated electric bicycle models, which provide a boost when you don’t want to peddle your way to a heavy sweat on the way to work.

How do you commute to work, and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

Using Bikes for Commuting to Work to Save Money

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