Alternatives To Guns: 9 Non-Lethal Home Defense Weapons

For some, depending on their location or their personal preferences, carrying a gun is not feasible.  Either way, it is important to consider a few alternatives to guns for non lethal self defense and to defend your home.

The eight alternatives to guns listed below may be found online or purchased at a sporting goods/outdoor store.

For those who do carry a gun with a permit, you may find a number of these non-lethal weapons would be good to have for a situation that did not warrant a lethal response.

For instance, I carry a tactical flashlight with me just about everywhere I go.

Flashlights may be carried into movie theaters (where they would be particularly helpful in an emergency situation), airplanes, and schools, so they make for excellent alternatives to guns.

Nine Alternatives To Guns to Consider for Self Defense

1.  SureFire Tactical LED Flashlight

This is a great alternative to carrying a weapon, particularly if you are planning to be out and about after dark, or in a dark, indoor setting.

Note:  Be sure to purchase a model with the feature you need most.  Some models offer a two-stage light which comes on at low power on first click and requires a second click to reach the full 500 lumen capacity.  If you are using exclusively for self defense, go with the single-stage, single-click model.

2.  Tactical Pen

Among EDCs (everyday carry) products, this self-defense pen is a tool of unparalleled versatility.

Virtually indistinguishable from its mundane counterparts, the tactical pen is your first line of defense in any emergency.

3.  Personal Alarm

Personal alarms put out quite a sound at roughly 130dB, which will draw a lot of attention to you in an emergency situation.

The real beauty of these things is that they can only be silenced by returning the pin to the alarm unit, not by pushing the “dummy” button on top.  So even if someone manages to snatch it out of your hand, they can’t silence it without having both the pin and the alarm unit.

4.  Kimber Pepperblaster II

A standard self defense staple for women, and is a popular alternatives to guns.  I particularly like this model over one of the “keychain” varieties, as it is easier to deploy in an emergency situation.

5.  Vipertek Stun Gun

As the bright electric current pulsates between the test prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound, an attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks.

6.  Rescue Card

Part of having a good self defense plan is being prepared.  By keeping this rescue card on your person you have access to life-saving survival tools such as:

  • Survival rope
  • Rope cutter
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • Saw blade and much more

7.  Self Defense Stick/Baton

Expandable batons can be slipped into a purse, or carried on your belt relatively easily.  A flick of the wrist and the short baton extends to longer cold hard stick, great for encouraging bad guys to keep their distance.

8.  Fury Kuba-Kickz

This product is the only non-lethal self defense tool available for your shoes. They fit above the tongue of the shoe and between the laces to provide some extra “oomph” behind a defensive kick to the shin or groin area.  These would make a nice addition to your favorite pair of jogging shoes.

9.  Sting Ring

The Squeeze-N-Stun Technology in this ring could save your life by saving you valuable seconds when defending yourself in a panic situation.

Rather than having to fumble around looking for the right buttons to push you simply turn off the safety and tighten your grip to activate the unit and stun your attacker.

Check the Law In Your Area

Be sure to check your local laws and ordinances, as some of these alternatives to guns may not be legal in your area.

For instance, the Kuba-Kickz, or the expandable batons, can sometimes fall under the same legal category as brass knuckles and similar products.

Assuming they are legal to carry, one would be wise to consider one of these non-lethal home defense alternatives to guns from the list above.

Practice with them; learn how to use them and the legality associated with using them.  Then pray you never have to deploy them.

Excellent Self Defense Alternatives to Guns

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  1. If Kuba-kickz arn’t available and you can find a pair try wearing steel toed cowboy boots, I wore a pair for years and the steel toes aren’t really visable. Also if you can stand to carry one an old fashioned wooden crook handled cane makes a good self defense weapon.

    • Steel-toed boots are a great idea. I’m sure a swift blow to the shins would make someone think twice about accosting you.

  2. Go to the office supply store and buy a laser pointer. There is nobody who can call one illegal, they look like a pen in your pocket, and with a little bit of practice, you can put it right into the area you need it to go, then turn it on. A few nano-seconds at the most will distract a perp. If you get several seconds to shoot him, he is blind in that eye. Those line lasers you can get at the hardware store or lumber yard are great, and they can get both eyes at once. These might be a little harder to defend in court, but they are grand, too.

    • John, laser pointer might make for a nice addition to the list. I do wonder about keeping the laser on target long enough to have an impact, whereas that Surefire light equals instant temporary blindness in low-light situations. However, the laser could offer a distraction or maybe even draw someone’s attention away from a potential attack. Smart idea!

  3. Geeezzzz gimme a break…
    Excuse me Mr. Badguy pointing that gun at me in my bedroom, you just better
    drop it and run now because I’m a badass with my Surefire 500 Tactical Flashlight!!!!

    • Jerry, I certainly wasn’t advocating the above options should replace a good home defense firearm. Rather, these non-lethal items may make for handy self-defense tools when/where firearms aren’t practical or legal.

  4. Wasp/hornet spray is much more effective than mace or pepper spray. It shoots accurately at 20 feet or so, putting some major distance between you and your attacker. It costs as little as $2 per can and as a bonus, most likely insures that your unsuccessful attacker can be picked up by the police at the local hospital when he goes to the emergency room for treatment.

    • Yeah; the wasp spray is highly effective. I carry one in my car and feel that I have great protection. Using a firearm can be a life changing decision; using a wasp spray is not but can be as effective in most cases.

  5. Anything for grandpa? Or are we going to end up like the UK where young thugs can simply overpower senior citizens and rob/assault them without fear? Without something to ‘equalize’ this difference in physical power, restrictive gun laws just trade one group of victims for another. If you are not contacting your elected representatives about this train wreck then you are part of the problem.

    • Very, very well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • As an ex-deputy we had a saying “better tried by twelve then carried by six” make of it what you will.

    • Look up cane self defense on line and order some of the DVD’s. Watch and practice. It can go anywhere you go (remember if challenged to shout ADA) and with a little practice will be a very effective friend. Also have the name of a good lawyer, if you have to use it. It will save you a ton of George grief.

  6. As a retailer of less lethal weapons I couldn’t agree with you more on the products you chose for other methods of defense versus guns. If the people aren’t going to be able to carry firearms these weapons are the next best thing. Much needed in today’s society. Great choices!

  7. Why not just give the people the right to bear arms,there was a time when crimes against women were few and far between.
    We need the right to bear arms. More now than ever.

  8. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    What about a good old knife? Nobody mentioned that. Yes, carrying a knife on your person in some jurisdictions could be considered a criminal offense, but given you can’t carry a gun, and most criminal assaults are without guns, a knife is a very advantageous weapon to have on you if you’re going out at night, or alone during the day.

    A guy was walking alone in a suburb of Detroit, MI when he was accosted by two thugs out for a “knockout” mission, where gangs will attack a single person or a couple of people and try and knock them out as a game. The 2 thugs came upon the guy and tried their “knockout” tactic. One was stabbed to death, and the other was in critical condition at the local hospital. It took the police over a week to find the guy and the weapon because they had him on a surveillance camera on a light pole. All they did was ask him to turn over the weapon. That was the end of the story.

    The guy saved himself by carrying a knife. Maybe if he was attacked by a gang, he wouldn’t have faired as well, but if he got 2 of them, he could have gotten 3, 4 or 5 others, and probably stopped the attack. For seniors, if you aren’t allowed to carry a gun, carrying some of the other items mentioned in this article, including a knife, would be prudent.

  9. I saw a young girl working in a convenience store who had a spray can of E-Z-Off Oven Cleaner under the cash register. That could put square wheels on somebody’s wagon.

  10. No More U.S.A.

    How did we as a great people become so passive, distracted and weak as to allow the demented few in our Federal Gov’t to take away the only sure “fire” (pun intended) way of holding back the control-freak Fed. Govt and all its employed cronies who would love nothing more than to reduce it’s citizens to indenture servantry? We were bred to defend our Constitutional Rights. It’s in our DNA. Stop being doormats and start screaming and shouting NO WAY to your local State and Fed Representatives. ACTION speaks a thousand words….Join a bonafide 2nd Amendment Rights Group and do your due diligence.

  11. Note to Ms Feinstein, any one trying to take away my ability to defend person & property
    is my deadly enemy. ‘Nuff said?

  12. therealguyfaux

    I know I’m going to take a lot of heat for even suggesting this, but a fellow named Richard Kuklinski, a Mob hitman, had a weapon no one could anticipate nor guard against, and one which the police, if they were not looking specifically for it based on evidence provided to them, would not turn up on him– a small Binaca breath-spray-type canister filled with a cyanide solution sufficient to stop the other person’s breathing in a matter of a very few seconds. He claimed he had learned about it from a man who had served in the Green Berets, and he worked out from what the man had told him just how much of a solution (i.e., how many parts water to how many parts cyanide) would kill versus how much would leave the person just gasping after having passed out. Obviously, in his line of work the idea was not to incapacitate. However, it strikes me that a solution sufficiently dilute will do a good enough job if you are not looking to kill someone. There is no nudge nudge wink wink in what I am saying, as it may be necessary to kill an assailant, and it would seem that a longer application of the spray could accomplish this were it necessary, but when the point is to get the hell outta there, something that knocks the person OUT is ideal– and you may wish to stick around for a few seconds to stomp him a few times to make sure he stays down, if you can do so. As with pepper sprays and things of this nature, obviously make sure the spray cannot be turned against you. I have absolutely no idea what the formula is, how to procure the cyanide, or how it is aerosolized with pressure, but I’m sure someone resourceful enough and serious enough about their personal security can discover that for themselves. Just a sort of bottom-of-the-ninth-situation handler should the SHTF and you cannot for whatever reason carry a firearm.

  13. I will give up my gun when the occupants of the White House and Congress give up their weapons and declared that they are officially a “gun free” zone. No longer are their armed guards or bullet proof cars necessary, in fact, they should walk to work and set an example by reducing their carbon footprint.

  14. A stripper was a witness in a case of a serial murderer who kidnapped strippers getting off their shift, in the parking lots. She was the only one who wore her costume, even in winter in Florida, to go to her car after work. The State Attorney asked her, wasn’t she afraid to do that? “No,” she calmly replied, “six-inch stilettoe heels are part of my costume, and I can do a roundhouse kick high enough to get his head.”

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