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The Time I Sold A Blog To Pay Off Mortgage And Didn’t


In December 2007 things felt gloomy. The economy was rocky and if you looked around closely enough signs of an impending slow-down were there. No one can predict the exact moment when the balloon will burst, but the sense of foreboding was palpable. I sat down at my laptop one night, while trying to help my son fall asleep, and …

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Why a 30 Year Mortgage is Better


Some financial gurus out there make a valid point about mortgages – 15-year mortgages always pay off in…15 years.  So you may be considering why a 30-year mortgage is better in most cases. It all has to do with risk and protecting your monthly cash flow. 15-Year Mortgage Versus 30-Year Mortgage It is true that in almost all cases a …

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How to Buy a Home With Bad Credit

Buying a home is a stressful process. It can be even more stressful for those individuals and families that have bad credit and may struggle to find a mortgage broker that is willing to work with them – or to find a broker that will not charge extreme rates of interest on the loan. Repairing bad credit can take years …

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What Do I Need to Buy a Home


Many first time home buyers ask themselves – what do I need to buy a home, and how do I qualify for a mortgage?  Few people have enough money to purchase a house outright and must finance the remainder of the purchase in what is known as a “mortgage.” Personally, I find mortgages to be a necessary evil, but I …

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How Much To Put Down On a Home

how much down payment for a house

The recent cratering of the real estate market both in the residential and the commercial spheres has dramatically altered how buyers will approach mortgages and home loans at present and for the foreseeable future.  Many are now asking themselves how much down payment for a house is needed to qualify? The game has changed and the days of no-money-down, “NINJA” mortgages …

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