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Deconstructing Retirement Goals Using Real Estate

rental property

A topic I have always found interesting rental real estate.  Other than my primary home I currently own zero properties, but that is something I would like to change. I was recently introduced to the Bigger Pockets podcast, a fantastic source of information and inspiration about the real estate business. To date I have binged-listened to about two dozen episodes …

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Finding Ideal Rental Property

Over the last few weeks I have stepped up my search for my first rental property. What started as sort of a passive search (oh, if a good deal falls in my lap I may look into it) has now become a daily routine of checking real estate websites and multiple listings. I’m officially ready to become a real estate …

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Managing Rental Property: DIY or Hire Property Manager?

Rental properties can provide a good method of wealth building, especially when the cost of buying property is lower than it has been in previous years and rents remain high. A real estate investor who has good credit can get a loan with a small down payment, buy a rental property and let the monthly rent make the loan payments. …

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Tips for Buying Foreclosures


According to RealtyTrac, foreclosure notices in October have increased by only one percent since the previous month. Although the past year has seen a steady decrease in the number of filings, it’s still a market with a great deal of profit potential for the real estate investor and bargain prices for the first-time homeowner. The overall process for buying foreclosures …

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Become a Real Estate Investor

Real estate is a great investment option. One could buy a house, work on it or rent it out, and watch their initial investment double. Real estate can be quite valuable, especially if people buy the right kinds of places. With careful thought given to property types and funding options, a person can really score big with real estate investing. …

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