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Forget Everything You Learned About Emergency Funds


It’s an age-old question in personal finances:  How big should my emergency fund be? The answer should be there is no answer.   The size of your emergency fund is a function of your personal situation, family status, employment stability, etc. However, there is no shortage of “financial gurus” who are quick to share a hard/fast rule such as: Save …

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Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 Saved

I read an alarming statistic today over at The Crux about the state of savings in America. Much is made about our collective debt, but we rarely hear much about our collective savings. Unfortunately, it seems that is because we have so little squirreled away for that proverbial rainy day. “According to a telephone survey from the nonprofit Employee Benefit …

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Should I Use Savings to Pay Off Debt

At some point in the process of attempting to get out of debt, most people will ask themselves an important question:  Should I use savings to pay off debt? The answer is a complex one, because there are several variables in play. The most obvious consideration is whether or not you have enough liquid savings to pay off your credit …

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Become a Millionaire in 20 Years

At some point, most people wonder how to become a millionaire. If you’re currently in debt, that doesn’t mean that your dreams of being a millionaire in the future are unattainable. Pay off your debt, get a grasp on your finances and learn the following tried-and-true methods to becoming a millionaire in 20 years. There are a few different routes to …

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Saving for Retirement: How Much Do I Need?

retirement savings

Saving for retirement is essential, yet many working adults are not adequately educated on the amount of money they need in order to live comfortably in their golden years. The exact amount of money needed for retirement varies from person to person based on numerous factors. Calculating the amount of savings hinges upon spending habits, longevity, and healthcare. Spending Habits …

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