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Realistic Ideas for Diversifying Your Income Streams

With a new year underway I have been thinking a lot about the need to diversify my income streams.  While my near-term ability to continue full-time working status remains good, I’ve become heavily dependent on my full-time job for income. Not all of that is my fault. I can thank declining savings and dividend rates for knocking down a good …

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Low Rates Forcing Savers into Risky Investments


The Federal Reserve recently announced their plan to keep interest rates at the already insanely low levels through until 2014. I could go into my theories about why this is actually harmful to the economy (delays capital investments by big companies, etc.), but I won’t. For now, I’d like to just focus on the effect this move has on the …

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Socially Responsible Investing: Do You Invest in What You Believe In?

Socially Responsible InvestingAnd by extension, do you not invest in what you don’t believe in? It’s an interesting question, and one many people when beginning to invest money. It has often been said that confusing fundamentals with morals is not the way to go when considering investing in a particular stock, but I personally find it difficult to separate the …

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Three Different Ways to Buy Company Stock

Investing in company stock is a great way to build wealth over the long-term. This is because company stocks not only appreciate over time, but they also pay monthly or quarterly dividends. I’m currently using a strategy to build wealth with dividend stocks. Individuals can buy stock in a company via a direct stock purchase plan, through an online brokerage, …

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How to Ladder Dividends

I spent a while the other day looking up payout dates for my top holdings. It occurred to me that most of the stocks I own payout in the same month, which is fine, but wouldn’t it be nice if they were more staggered so every month I had something to look forward to? A recent Forbes article tackled just that …

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