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Dividend Growth Stocks: Having Your Cake and Eating it, Too


Do dividend growth stocks really exist or do you have to settle for one or the other – dividends or growth? There are plenty of growth stocks that pay a dividend, but frequently, the dividend is so low that it takes years to make enough from the dividend to consider it a significant part of your profits. When we say …

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Selling Stock Winners to Become More Diversified


Just yesterday I wrote about receiving a welcomed Johnson & Johnson dividend payment. Well today, I decided to sell off some of that position, and a couple other winners, to free up some cash to diversify. Over the last few months, as I began building up this small portfolio of dividend stocks, I realized that I was not properly diversifying. …

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Best Monthly Dividend Stocks for Passive Wealth

best monthly dividend stocks

As you know from the title of this blog, getting out of debt is our number one mission these days. However, a close secondary mission is building wealth with the best monthly dividend stocks. Our wealth-building strategy is mostly centered around the accumulation of stock in solid, dividend-paying companies with a long history of paying, even increasing, their dividend. We …

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