21 Ways To Find Cash Around Your House

The way I see it, we can keep hoping our boss will give us a big raise this year, or we can work on the other side of the income-expenses equation and look for savings around our home.

After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Some tips are fairly painless; others require a bit of work.  However, when viewed in total you could experience significant savings by implementing all of the following ideas for saving money.

Rather than buy memo pads, use the blank backs of junk mail that you receive. Cut large pieces into quarters for more convenience

21 Ways to Save a Ton of Money at Home

1. Sell your car.  I hate selling cars, but I realize it is one of the quickest raise to cash.  Consider using a service like Vroom rather than fooling with Craigslist and meeting strangers at different places for a test drive.

2. Reduce your cable and Internet bills by calling your service providers and asking for the customer retention department. Ask them to give you a break on the monthly fees or you’ll go with someone else. If they won’t budget, just cut the cable.

3. For long term savings on your electric bills, replace your incandescent bulbs with fluorescent or LED bulbs.

4. Don’t throw away recyclable bottles, cans, and plastic containers. Exchange them at your recycling center for cash.

5. Don’t buy paper napkins for the home. Instead, bring home the extras that you get at fast food restaurants and coffee houses.

6. Subscribe to emails and websites run by your favorite consumer brands. They’ll frequently send you discount coupons by email or post.

7. Before shopping for thing online be sure to check out Ebates for discounts and/or cash back rewards.

8. Forget about subscribing to magazines, buying books, or renting DVDs. You can borrow all these entertainments for free at your local library.

9. For a daily dose of freebie consumer products, visit or subscribe to Hey It’s Free.

10. If you shave with a razor, don’t waste water by running the faucet. Instead, fill a large bowl with warm water to use for lathering shaving cream and rinsing your razor.

11. Have fresh herbs on hand by growing your own in the kitchen.

12. You can save $10 or more dollars per meal by packing your own lunch for work rather than eating out each time.

13. Cancel your gym membership if you’re not using it. Exercise in parks or at community center gyms where you pay by the use.

14. Avoid the expense of store-bought cleaners. Use a paste of baking powder and water to cut through stains.

15. Buy food in bulk and then make large quantities of meals that last, such as stews and casseroles. Freeze whatever you can’t eat.

16. Turn off lights when you leave a room. If that’s a problem, buy motion sensors that automatically switch lights on when you enter a space and off when you leave.

17. Put a jar in the kitchen where you can throw loose pocket change. At the end of the year, empty the jar and spend the money on a treat.

18. Trade babysitting chores with the neighbors.

19. Seal your home against air leaks to save energy. Your local utility company can come down and do a free energy audit so you know where you’re wasting electricity.

20. Minimize tub baths to a few times a year. Rely on quick showers instead.

21. If you want to landscape your garden, ask for plant contributions from family, friends and co-workers.

Saving money around the house does not have to be time-consuming or painful.

Starting with small changes can eventually add up to big dollars.

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