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There is a growing trend in America.  Actually, there are two growing trends.  More and more young people are drowning in student loan debt.  And more and more young people are pinning their hopes on student loan debt forgiveness programs which promise to waive debts after ten years.

What kind of message does this send to young adults?

What other products could you imagine offering such a deal and remaining viable?

Can’t Afford Your Car – We’ll Waive the Balance!

Let’s see.  What if I bought an $80,000 car I couldn’t afford, but financed it on a 15-year car loan.  After 10 years my remaining balance would be waived, if car loans operated like student loan debt forgiveness programs.

What do you think would happen to the cost of cars if this were the case?  What do you think would happen to the auto finance industry if this were the case?

Exactly.  That’s where we find ourselves today.

In its infinite wisdom, our government, under the Affordable Care Act, decided to federalize all student loan programs.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Under Obamacare.

Most people were unaware at the time that the bill so haggled over to bring health care to the uninsured actually addressed the student loan crisis by arguably making things much worse.

By federalizing the student loan program they flooded the market with government dollars which has helped to greatly inflate college tuition.

Good Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Programs

There are some good student loan debt forgiveness programs, typically offered at the state level for specific professions.

For those students who agree to pursue one of these specific degrees, and then work a few years in an under-served community, often times the participating state will forgive student loan debt over a period of service-cancelable years of service.

Now that is a sweet deal, and far better than everyone getting a waiver after ten years, regardless of the chosen degree, profession or ability to repay the debt.

Of course the military also offers a pretty sweet deal, if you can avoid getting shot at.

Military members are eligible for the GI Bill, which allows them to attend school after or during service for no or subsidized costs.

This is a particularly great way for those wanting to enter expensive degree programs (think law or medicine) to get on-the-job-training and paid-for academic training while serving their country.

Automatic 10-year student loan debt forgiveness programs area sending the wrong message to our young people.

The program is creating a generation of 20 somethings unable to move forward, financially or otherwise, because they are being held back by the burden of student loan debt.  They cannot buy a house.  They cannot take family vacations.  They rarely have any money for giving.

Instead, we should offer more incentives for parents and students to save for college, which would lead to a lower debt burden for new graduates.

These graduates would have more disposable income and be able to become greater participants in the economy, increasing tax revenues and the number of people buying luxury goods – a win-win for both government and its citizens.


One of the worst things about not having credit is it hard to get credit.  It reminds me of when I was young with very little experience and couldn’t find a job to build experience.  Fortunately, there are a couple of credit cards for people with no credit; you just have to keep an open mind and look around.

If you have no credit, but would like to start building your credit, you have a few options.  Some of these options behave like credit products, but are not.

Other options look like other types of loans, but help you build the credit you need to get approved for a credit card later.

Secured Card

The easiest solution if you need a credit card, but have no credit, would be to open a secured credit card.  Here’s how secured cards work.

Essentially, you deposit $500-$1,000 in a bank account which the bank or credit union will “freeze” to hold as collateral against your credit line in the same amount.

You spend up to your credit limit just like a normal credit card.

The beauty is you cannot exceed the amount the bank has on deposit dedicated to cover your credit line.

Even though you have not been extended a credit line, most banks still report these products to the credit bureaus, which will help people with no credit.

Car Loans and Other Loans

If you are one of those people with no credit, and you do not have $1,000 lying around to deposit and tie up just to get a secured card, there may be another option.

If you are in the market for a car you might consider financing the purchase with a small car loan.

Auto loans are typically much less stringent and often approve people with no credit or credit cards.

I do not recommend buying a brand new car you cannot afford just to build your credit score.  That’s dumb.

However, if you can easily make a small payment for a reasonable, used car, it might help to improve your credit.

If you are not in the market for a car consider a small personal loan.  Lending Club is a great source for such loans.  Borrow only what you can afford to quickly pay back.

Perhaps you can use the money to add a back splash to your kitchen, or replace the tires on your car.

I would recommend keeping the requested credit line under $5,000 for this type of loan, just so things don’t get away from you.

==> Lending Club offers competitive interest rates even for people with no credit

Credit Cards for People With No Credit

There are specific card offerings for people with no credit out there.  I’ve listed below a couple of options:

  • Navy Federal Credit Union nRewards Secured Card
  • USAA Secured Credit Cards
  • SDFCU Savings Secured Visa Platinum Card

These products are from high-quality institutions and they are reported to the three major credit bureaus as unsecured, meaning one of these cards could help boost your credit score.


In these uncertain times, being able to protect yourself and your loved ones is something that should not be taken for granted. If you are lucky enough to live in an area which allows concealed carry, there is no better way to ensure you do not become a helpless victim than considering a concealed carry purse for women.

While it is important to avoid danger, be aware of your surroundings, and have personal protection skills that do not involve a gun, you should always be ready for any possibility by carrying a concealed weapon.

Carrying Concealed In Your Purse
Access Denied RFID Blocking Concealed Carry Purse Leather
Access Denied RFID Blocking Concealed Carry Purse Leather

For many women, carrying a firearm on their body can prove difficult.

There is a huge range of holsters available.

From belly band holsters, ankle holsters, and even holsters that attach to your bra, there are many options to choose from.

However, even with these options, carrying your firearm on your body may feel uncomfortable or the weapon may be difficult to conceal or too heavy to carry in a waste-band holster.

For those who have trouble with on body carrying, a concealed carry purse is the next best option.

What to Look for in a Concealed Carry Purse for Women

It is extremely important to carry your firearm in a purse that is specifically made for concealed carry for women.

If you throw your weapon into a purse which is not designated for concealed carry, the chances of it misfiring, getting damaged, or ending up in the wrong hands increase greatly.

By choosing a purse designed for concealed carry, you are ensuring not only your safety, but the safety of those around you, as well.

The following attributes are a few things to look for when picking out a purse for concealed carry.

Special Firearm Compartment

A concealed carry purse should have a compartment specially designed for your firearm.

The type of purse you will purchase will depend on the gun you are carrying.

Some purses have a compartment that will accommodate a variety of guns, while others will only fit one type of gun.

gun toten mama concealed carry purse
Gun Toten Mamas Concealed Carry Large Hobo Handbag

The compartment should only ever have your gun in it to avoid foreign objects lodging into the barrel or getting stuck on the trigger.

There should be a retention strap that holds the firearm in place snugly.

Also, the zipper or another closure type that leads to the gun should be clear of objects that can snag your gun.

Security Strap

One of the dangers of carrying your concealed carry weapon off your body is the risk of having your purse stolen.

While having your purse stolen is a terrible experience, it is much worse if it results in a criminal getting their hands on a gun.

Concealed carry purses should have an extra strap to protect you from having it stolen.

This strap could be a cross-body strap or a separate clasp that attaches around your midsection.

The safety strap should be made of a material that is not easily cut, as well.

A security strap will also give you more time to reach your weapon if the assailant is grabbing you by the purse strap.

==> Check out’s great selection of concealed carry purses


One of the main reasons that concealed carry for women is so effective is that perpetrators do not know that you have a weapon.

This allows you to have the element of surprise on your side in case of an attack.

Parker Handbags Clandestina Concealed Carry Purse Black
Parker Handbags Clandestina Concealed Carry Purse Black

A concealed carry purse should not advertise that there is a gun in it. Depictions of guns on the exterior, quotes about carrying weapons, and other obvious signs of a firearm should be avoided.

Stay safe and fashionable

By following the basic guidelines for choosing the best carrying purse for your needs, you are ensuring that you and your loved ones will remain safe, no matter what type of situation you find yourself in.

By carrying concealed, you are taking your life into your own hands and declaring that you will not be a powerless victim.

A well-armed woman is a woman that criminals will wish they never targeted!


Credit repair software can help consumers achieve fast credit results in improving their credit score.  The best credit repair software addresses disputed items, creditors’ negotiations, and organizes communications involved in the credit repair process.

Most people want fast credit repair, especially when the goal of buying a new car, getting mortgage, or other major purchase is thwarted by blemished credit.

Without an automated process this can be a difficult endeavor.

It’s challenging to achieve better credit scores quickly without an automated process.

Although every consumer has the option to write individual dispute letters for each error on a credit report, the best credit repair software can make the process seem as easy as clicking a button.

Credit Repair Results

Let’s face it. Consumers want results. But every creditor is different.
According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a significant number of consumer credit files contain errors.

A relatively simple but time-consuming process is required to remove errors from a credit report.

Accurately reporting negative items on credit report, including late payments, charge-offs, and bankruptcy, can also be removed in many instances, depending on the date of the item’s last activity.

It may take more time and insight to remove accurate negative results. Credit repair software provides the tools necessary to manage the removal process.

==> Receive a personalized game plan to better your credit

Credit Repair Software and Credit Score Improvement

Choose credit repair software that offers the features you need.

Don’t believe unrealistic claims about credit repair software. For instance, it’s unrealistic to expect that FICO credit scores will improve 200 points or more in 30 days.

If your goal is to improve your FICO credit scores by 200 points, consider your individual credit situation first.

Correct errors, pay down outstanding loans and credit cards, and use no more than 30 percent of your available credit.

Ask a friend or relative with excellent credit to add you as an authorized user to improve your credit scores.

Remember, too, that the credit repair process involves managing communications with three credit reporting agencies (CRAs) and many individual creditors reporting to the CRAs.

Credit repair takes time. Credit repair software can make the process faster and easier to execute, but it still takes time.

Credit Reports and Credit Scores

Unfortunately, some credit repair software doesn’t include access to credit reports or FICO credit scores. Each of the three major CRAs-TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax-sell fee-based services.

However, all consumers may request free credit reports once per year.

There are several free sites that offer users with credit scores (sometimes referred to as “FAKO” scores in the credit reporting industry) but, if you read the fine print, the scores are for “educational purposes only.”

Your FICO credit scores may vary from these sites’ simulated credit scores.

Don’t rely on free credit score sites if you’re assessing credit scores. To monitor your credit score improvement, sign up with each of the CRAs.

Credit Repair Firms and Credit Repair Software

Many credit repair services use professional grade credit repair software. These credit repair programs are typically designed to provide the business with more software solutions.

The goal of the credit repair software is to lower the cost of managing each client.

Individual consumers want to improve credit scores. Credit repair can seem like a mystical and frustrating process without easy-to-use credit repair software.

Professional credit repair services are costly and, if you don’t require a major credit overhaul, the right credit repair software can be a smart financial investment.

It’s possible for consumers to get positive credit repair results with credit repair software.


The tiny house movement has really taken off. Many models are now available as tiny houses prefab units that are flat shipped to you for assembly.

This is inspiring a lot of people who want to downsize, declutter, and live a little further off the grid. There are designers and builders who specialize in these smaller homes on wheels.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and challenges of tiny house living.

Tiny Houses Prefab (and not Prefab) Cost

The cost of a prefab tiny house varies depending on size, materials, and amenities.

A bare bones home with minimal plumbing and electrical, less than 200 SF, can cost as little as $6,000, or as much as $30,000.

Tiny homes with more SF, full kitchens, generators, and full plumbing can cost upwards of $60,000.

The higher end homes are likely to be fully insulated, have an electric or propane heating system, a working water toilet, and all modern kitchen appliances.

If you are going completely off the grid, you will save on utilities and water by using a wood burning stove for heat, solar or wind power for electricity, and a composting toilet.

For a little more comfort, you could have a propane powered generator for electricity and heat, and a water filtration system for recycling rain water.

With the generator, you will have to purchase fuel on a regular basis.

Challenges of Tiny House Off-the-Grid Living

The first challenge is that you must commit to getting rid of things that you don’t really need. Living with less may be hard at first.

A good way to downsize is to sell or donate anything you don’t need or won’t have room to store. Resist the temptation to rent a storage unit for stuff you may never use again.

==> Check out these awesome tiny house plans and photos

Local zoning and building codes may be a hurdle you will have to jump over.

If you plan to assemble one of the many tiny houses prefab models, you may not be able to just park your home on wheels in a corner of a friend’s land or on land you purchased without permits and proper sewage disposal or a clean water supply.

Be diligent about checking with local authorities before you start the process.

The most obvious challenges are in living in a smaller space and dealing with everyday necessities. Here is a list of what may be everyday off-the-grid challenges.

  • Stoking a wood burning stove
  • Emptying a composting toilet
  • Taking garbage and recycling to a transfer station
  • Collecting and filtering water
  • Picking up mail at a post office, if necessary
  • Conserving utilities and water
Benefits of Tiny House Off-the-Grid Living

The benefits of tiny house living off the grid are many.

The most important is the sustainability of your green lifestyle. The second benefit is the cost savings. After your initial investment, you are free of rent, mortgage, and utility bills.

Lastly, your lifestyle will be so much less complicated without the burden of excess belongings and having to clean a larger space.

Is Tiny House Living for You?

If you are someone who wants to lessen your footprint on our fragile environment, then prefab tiny house living might be right for you.

The tiny house cost to build and maintain may be enough to peak your interest.

If you are considering this lifestyle, you can look into companies who manufacture tiny houses prefab to get started.

Or, if you are into DIY projects, many companies sell tiny house plans which you may assemble yourself.

Then, take stock of your belongings and start the editing process. Enjoy the adventure that lies ahead.

tiny houses prefab plans

tiny houses prefab

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