Is Leasing a Car a Good Idea?

Have you ever heard a financial guru suggest leasing a car is a good idea?  Me neither. And they may be right, but like most financial axioms there should be attached a disclaimer:  it depends. Fans of car leases will tell you they get to drive a new car every two years.  That aspect of leasing appeals to me, too, …

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Forget Everything You Learned About Emergency Funds

It’s an age-old question in personal finances:  How big should my emergency fund be?  The answer should be there is no answer; it is a function of your personal situation, family status, employment stability, etc. However, many people are quick to share a hard/fast rule such as: Save $1,000 in a starter emergency fund Save 3-6 months of expenses (lean …

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Why a 30 Year Mortgage is Better

Some financial gurus out there make a valid point about mortgages – 15 year mortgages always pay off in…15 years.  So you may be considering why a 30 year mortgage is better in most cases. It all has to do with risk and protecting your monthly cash flow. 15 Year Mortgage Versus 30-Year Mortgage It is true that in almost …

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Taking a Part-Time Job To Pay Off Debt

Over the last few months our family has been operating a little like Congress – that is, we have been spending more than we earn.  It’s time to clean this up with some income from a part-time job. We had a few unfortunate medical mishaps which added insult to literal injury, depleting a good bit of our emergency fund and …

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9 Scholarships For Single Mothers

If you are a single mother and will be going to college, you may be able to get scholarships for single mothers to cover costs associated with your education. While there are many scholarships for single mothers available, they often fall into one of four categories or combine features of two or more of these categories: Scholarships for women Need-based …

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