get out of debt truck

Introducing Lola – My 1997 Get Out of Debt Truck

I’d like to introduce you to one of my best friends. Email subscribers heard about her earlier this week. She’s been with me through thick and thin and she is currently helping me get out of debt. I call her Lola, and I’ll explain why in a minute. Just a few years ago I was driving a beautiful, brand new …

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survive a hurricane

5 Life-Saving Steps Every Family Should Take To Survive a Hurricane

When a major hurricane strikes, basic government services often shut down and citizens will be left to survive a hurricane aftermath on their own. Looting and panic sets in.  Survivors often walk around dazed by what they see and what they have lived through. In the days and weeks to come, many more of those initially surviving a devastating hurricane …

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21 Ways To Find Cash Around Your House

The way I see it, we can keep hoping our boss will give us a big raise this year, or we can work on the other side of the income-expenses equation and look for savings around our home. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned. Some tips are fairly painless; others require a bit of work.  However, when …

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ebates review

Ebates Review: A Simple Way to Earn Cash Back for Normal Online Shopping

Over the years I have seen many others online referring to Ebates as one of the best online shopping sites for cash back rebates. I was naturally skeptical, but since I began blogging and understanding affiliate relationships myself, the business model makes more sense. Ebates receives affiliate commissions from retailers they mention on their site. If you, the shopper, use …

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rental property

Deconstructing Retirement Goals Using Real Estate

A topic I have always found interesting rental real estate.  Other than my primary home I currently own zero properties, but that is something I would like to change. I was recently introduced to the Bigger Pockets podcast, a fantastic source of information and inspiration about the real estate business. To date I have binged-listened to about two dozen episodes …

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