21 Ways To Find Cash Around Your House

The way I see it, we can keep hoping our boss will give us a big raise this year, or we can work on the other side of the income-expenses equation and look for savings around our home. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned. Some tips are fairly painless; others require a bit of work. ¬†However, when …

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ebates review

Ebates Review: A Simple Way to Earn Cash Back for Normal Online Shopping

Over the years I have seen many others online referring to Ebates as one of the best online shopping sites for cash back rebates. I was naturally skeptical, but since I began blogging and understanding affiliate relationships myself, the business model makes more sense. Ebates receives affiliate commissions from retailers they mention on their site. If you, the shopper, use …

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rental property

Deconstructing Retirement Goals Using Real Estate

A topic I have always found interesting rental real estate. ¬†Other than my primary home I currently own zero properties, but that is something I would like to change. I was recently introduced to the Bigger Pockets podcast, a fantastic source of information and inspiration about the real estate business. To date I have binged-listened to about two dozen episodes …

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