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Credit Cards for People With No Credit

One of the worst things about not having credit is it hard to get credit.  It reminds me of when I was young with very little experience and couldn’t find a job to build experience.  Fortunately, there are a couple of credit cards for people with no credit; you just have to keep an open mind and look around. If …

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17 Reasons Why I Broke Up With Credit Cards

I’m done.  I’ve played the credit card game long enough. Since that first time in college, inspired by the euphoria of attending my first college football game, I’ve always sort of been under the spell of credit cards.  I eagerly grabbed that Discover Card clipboard and gave up my credit virginity. I kept reminding myself of all of the benefits …

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Should I Use Savings to Pay Off Debt

At some point in the process of attempting to get out of debt, most people will ask themselves an important question:  Should I use savings to pay off debt? The answer is a complex one, because there are several variables in play. The most obvious consideration is whether or not you have enough liquid savings to pay off your credit …

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